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  • Microsoft announces new tools to help CSPs go cloud native February 27, 2023
    Microsoft has announced the public preview of new cloud tools to boost the adoption of cloud-native 5G, run network functions such as vRAN, and manage subscriber data more efficiently. Azure Operator Nexus is a hybrid, carrier-grade cloud platform intended to bolster telcos in running a range of network operations. It can provide the runtime necessary […]
  • €5.4m European digital innovation hub launched to help SMEs apply digital skills to their businesses February 27, 2023
    A new European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) is to be established in the Northern and Western region to help SMEs apply cutting-edge technologies and digital skills to their businesses. Part of network of 200 other EDIHs across the European Union, the online hub received €5.4 million in funding to support regional SMEs over the next […]
  • News Corp admits China-linked hackers breached company for two years February 27, 2023
    Media giant News Corp is the latest organisation to have fallen victim to a lengthy data breach after revealing that hackers had access to company systems for nearly two years.   News Corp said it first discovered unauthorised activity on internal storage systems in January 2022. A subsequent investigation by the publisher found that threat […]
  • Welcome to ABBA Voyage, a journey through the Uncanny Valley February 27, 2023
    I’m standing in a queue across the road from a train station called Pudding Mill Lane. There’s a light drizzle. Looking at some of the people around me, I feel as if I have accidentally stepped into a crowd scene from a film set in the mid-70s, although the mish-mash of styles suggests the wardrobe […]
  • Paying ransomware gangs could fund up to 10 additional attacks February 24, 2023
    Ransomware victims that cave to extortion demands inadvertently fund anywhere between six to 10 new attacks, according to research from Trend Micro.   Analysis of ransomware attack methods and the tactics employed by cyber criminal gangs over the last year found that businesses that choose to pay ransoms end up providing vital finances for threat […]
  • There is no liberation technology February 24, 2023
    My father died during the Covid pandemic, suffering a massive heart attack while attempting to get into his car. Despite the urgency of the situation, I struggled to get home. At the time the Irish government had banned international travel, and there were no flights from France to the North of Ireland so that route […]
  • Guinness Enterprise Centre invests €500K in sustainability cluster February 24, 2023
    The Guinness Enterprise Centre (GEC)has unviled plans to build out its sustainability cluster at its hub in Dublin. The cluster will host Techies Go Green, a movement of more than 300 IT and tech-oriented companies which are committed to decarbonising their businesses. Techies Go Green will use the facility as its base of operations, as […]
  • Minister Coveney announces establishment of two European Digital Innovation Hubs February 24, 2023
    Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment Simon Coveney and Enterprise Ireland, announced the establishment of the Data2Sustain and FactoryxChange European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH). These two are the first of four hubs which will make up Ireland’s membership of the pan-European network of EDIHs. Data2Sustain is a consortium led by the Atlantic Technological University, Sligo, […]
  • Workday hit with claims its AI hiring systems are discriminatory February 24, 2023
    Enterprise cloud application firm Workday is being sued over alleged racial and other biases in its AI applicant screening tool. The class action complaint alleges that the tool contains algorithmic discrimination against applicants who are African American, over the age of 40, and those with disabilities. It also includes suggestions that Workday’s AI is developed […]
  • TestReach partners with PHECC to support delivery of computer-based exams February 24, 2023
    TestReach has partnered with the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) to support the delivery of its computer-based examinations. Headquartered at NexusUCD, in Dublin, TestReach provides an online assessment solution for the creation, delivery, management, and analysis of high-stake examinations. The PHECC is responsible for implementing, monitoring, and developing the standards for education and provision of […]