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  • Reduce downtime, increase efficiency with an effective maintenance strategy July 23, 2021
    In association with RS Ireland With increased output pressures on manufacturing to keep up with demand, unplanned downtime is the arch enemy. Maintenance teams still operating on a reactive basis only will undoubtedly fall victim to unplanned downtime – and the varied frequency and unpredictability of this will hinder any manufacturing operation. With preventative and […]
  • Google coding typo effectively bricks Chrome OS devices July 23, 2021
    Google has fixed a serious bug in a Chrome OS stable channel update released earlier this week that locked Chromebook users out of their machines. The verification error, present in version 91.1.4472.165, came as a result of a single character typo in a string of code in Chrome OS’s Cryptohome VaultKeyset, which is the portion […]
  • Amazon releases trove of Alexa tools to address developer apathy July 23, 2021
    Amazon is aiming to re-energise its Alexa voice platform with the release of a trove of new developer tools, announced at its Alexa Live conference on Wednesday. The company hopes the new tools will help create more variety on the platform and encourage Alexa device owners to discover and engage with more Alexa apps and […]
  • Microsoft acquires security start-up CloudKnox July 23, 2021
    Microsoft has announced the acquisition CloudKnox, a security start-up that helps businesses manage their cloud access credentials. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed but it is another addition to Microsoft’s burgeoning security portfolio. CloudKnox, which was founded in California in 2015, uses automated software to spot and remove cases of unused permissions […]
  • How to fix a stuck Windows 10 update July 23, 2021
    Many of us have a prejudice against operating system updates, and justifiably so; they bring change, not always for the better (see Windows Vista), and often they interrupt our work schedules by taking control of our machines for longer than we’d like. Sometimes, it can be a lot longer than we like, particularly when the […]
  • One third of cyber security pros have experienced workplace harassment July 22, 2021
    A new initiative is working to shatter the misconception that reporting harassment in the workplace is disloyal to the company or the community, at a time when 47% cyber security professionals report experiencing bullying behaviour in the office. Almost one in two cyber security employees have experienced harassment at work socials (48%) and in the […]
  • Salesforce’s $28bn Slack acquisition: What’s next for workplace collaboration? July 22, 2021
    Despite the eye-watering $27.7 billion (roughly £20.2 billion) fee involved, nobody raised an eyebrow at Salesforce’s acquisition of the workplace collaboration platform Slack in December 2020. Workplace collaboration is all the rage – especially following the pandemic – with several entities hoping to capitalise on the changing world of work, including Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace, […]
  • Arkphire inks deal with Truce Software to enhance mobile device management July 22, 2021
    Arkphire has partnered with contextual mobility management solutions provider Truce Software to enhance its mobile device management. Truce will serve as a key component of Arkphire’s fully managed Device-as-a-Service offering. Arkphire is a full-service mobility management provider and is a global scale Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller. The company, which is headquartered in Ireland, serves customers internationally across more than 90 […]
  • 16-year-old flaw haunts millions of HP, Xerox and Samsung printers July 22, 2021
    Researchers have disclosed a previously undiscovered critical vulnerability in the drivers of millions of printers manufactured by HP, Xerox and Samsung that might allow hackers to take over vulnerable devices. Tracked as CVE-2021-3438, the highly severe heap buffer overflow flaw has been assigned a CVSS threat severity score of 8.8 out of ten and has […]
  • How to measure data quality July 22, 2021
    Like most things in life where you tend to get out what you put in, the same can be applied to data. The quality of insights you or your organisation should expect to extract from data correlates with the underlying data’s quality. You should expect to glean outstanding insights if you gather and manage high-quality […]